Wooden Shoe Trading Company Values


There are three primary values which the Wooden Shoe Trading Company hopes to emulate through our store front.

The first value  is Simplicity. the world is growing increasingly more complex. Our company believe that it is important to take a step back and remember the  basics. We want to achieve modern day solutions with traditional components. Our products are lovingly created by artisans around the world, as well as ourselves.

Our second value is Usefulness. We don’t want our products to sit on the shelf but rather for them to be cherished as an essential component to everyday life. All of our items are meant to be utilized in various areas from the kitchen, to school, to family game nights. The more often they are used, the more beautiful they become. 

Which brings us to our final value, beauty. We want to create an aesthetic which is both stimulating to the eye as well as definitive to an individuals personal style. Our products are sold on a first come first served basis, making it unlikely that anyone else will have the same unique concept. 

Traditions are important, so is taking a step back to reclaim them. While phones and computers are a vital component in our present day lives, reclaiming personal relationships without the consistent use of these elements is quintessential to living a healthy well balanced life.

We hope to see you soon, don’t hesitate to drop by!


The VandenBerg’s